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SMB Holiday Online Sale
November 18-19, 2022

Lot# 7, 19, and 32

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  KDs Packing Pistols


Consigned by: Wade Davis – Ballard, UT 

2018 Gelding 

Registration: Gypsy Cross 

14'3 Hand 

Disposition: 2 (Beginner Friendly) – Temperament: 3 (Average)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work

We would love to introduce you is KDs Packing Pistols. He is a four-year-old gelding, standing 14'3 hands tall, registered with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America. We have owned him ever since he was a yearling. His dame and sire live just down the road from us. We have done all the training on Pistol and have enjoyed having him at our place. We have used him to do day-to-day ranch work, including drugging calves in the branding pen.  He has an awesome personality, very loving, and will meet you at the gate. We have also used him at the sale barn penning back all sorts of animals. He is excellent in the mountains, and crosses deadfall, rocks, and rivers. Pistol has been used as a pack horse, and drug pack horses with him. We have also started roping cattle out of the box on him. He travels smoothly through all of his gates, lopes, collected circles, and works great off of leg pressure. He comes with a complete pre-purchase exam, and x-rays. He is up to date on wormer, shots, and teeth. For more info or to come try him at our place, give us a call Wade 801-391-7940.

 KDs Blue Quigley

Horse Name: KDS BLUE QUIGLEY (aka Quigley) Consigned by: Wade Davis – Ballard, UT 

2018 Gelding 

Registration: IDSHR 

16 Hand 

Disposition: 2 (Beginner Friendly) – Temperament: 2 (Mellow)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping / Driving/Pulling

Are you ready to fall in love?  Meet Quigley. He is an outstanding blue roan draft cross gelding that stands 16 HH and weighs about 1600lbs.  As a four-year-old, he has experience and training far beyond his years.  His sire was a Percheron, and his dam was a quarter horse.  He is registered with the International Draft and Sport Horse Registry.  Quigley is an absolute dream on the mountain and trails.  We have used him during the hunts, packing, leading the pack string, and babysitting first-time riders.  We hunt and cowboy in some of the roughest country imaginable.
Quigley will cross rivers, steep rocky ledges, downfall, and creeks, all the while keeping a calm and level head.  I know I can always trust him to bring me home safe and sound.  He has been my favorite and go-to horse for the last year on the mountain.  Not only is he a top-notch example of a draft cross, but he also has the ability to ride around fancy like a quarter horse.  He will gallop collected circles, move off leg pressure and give you a great stop.  Better yet, he is broke; well enough, you can ride him bridleless. If that’s not your thing, he has a super nice and soft neck rein that is often hard to find in draft crosses. We have used Quigley all over the ranch from branding calves, doctoring, and day-to-day ranch work.  Whether you have a couple of acres or 10,000 acres, Quigley has a work ethic that can’t be beaten.  He will put his head down and walk at the same pace all day long. Standing 16 hands, he will side pass over to a mounting block for you to get on easily. You can even lay him down and ride him up. He has the bone and muscle to pack just about anyone.  He is rock solid physically and mentally.  Quigley is the perfect package!  He is not only beautiful, but he is safe and fun to ride.  He truly is an exceptional draft cross that we love and know you will too.  Quigley will come to the sale ready to work. He will be up to date on all routine maintenance, including teeth, vaccinations, and wormer.  He will also have X-rays and a pre-purchase exam done just prior to the sale. Please come out and see for yourself what makes him so special.  Give us a call with further questions or schedule a day to come ride Quigley.  Wade Davis 801-391-7940

Blue Boomer

Horse Name: KDPH BLUE BOOMER (aka Boomer) 

Consigned by: Wade Davis – Ballard, UT 

2018 Draft Cross Gelding 

Registration: IDSHR 

15'3 Hand 

Disposition: 1 (Anyone Can Ride) 

Temperament: 1 (More Whoa Than Go)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping

Meet Boomer! If safe, sound, big, and beautiful is on your checklist for a dream horse, Boomer is your guy. He is a 2018 gelding and he stands at a perfect size of 15.3 and weighs about 1450 lbs. Boomer's sire is a Percheron/Belgium, and his mom is a Quarter horse. He has the best personality. He will meet you at the gate every time. He loves to lay his head on your chest and get attention and love. Boomer is the very essence of safe and sound. He has more whoa than go, but don’t let that fool you. He will lope around beautifully on a loose rein, stop off of your seat, and turn around bridle-less. He has been kid-tested and mother-approved! Our boys have fully put Boomer through the safety test. They enjoy giving their mama a heart attack while using him as a jungle gym. They have even taken Boomer to the park to play! Watch his video; not only will you be entertained, but you can genuinely see how gentle he is. He can lay down for easy mounting and dismounting. We have used Boomer for trail riding, packing, ranch work, and pleasure riding. He is the total package for someone looking for an easy keeper, an enjoyable ride, kind, personable, and gentle horse. Boomer is up to date on all his wormers and vaccinations. He will come with a completely clean bill of health and X-rays available to view. We live in beautiful Utah and would love for you to come to our place before the sale to ride Boomer and fully appreciate how fantastic he is! Please give us a call for more information on this one-of-a-kind gelding. 801-391-7940.

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