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Billings Fall Rope Horse Sale
Billings Montana
September 23, 2023

Holidoc Cash Man

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Check him out!! One of the prettiest palomino geldings on the planet, standing 15 2 with a long beautiful mane and tail. We call him Reno, born in 2017 and a pedigree loaded with champions such as Nu Cash Tuff n Busy, Holidoc, Doc Quixote, Mr. San Peppy, and there’s even a shot of Driftwood Ike in there. He has been my personal horse for almost three years. We have used him ranching, dragging calves to the fire, and doctoring. We have hunted on him ponying the pack horses, and also used for a pack horse. He is a great ranch and mountain horse; we have even packed out big game on him, and it didn’t bother him a bit. We are currently using him for a headhorse, but he can heel also. He breaks flat and runs hard to a cow with a lot of rate. You will have a hard time finding a smoother horse. He is good to saddle, shoe, and tie. And load. He is current on shots. And we paid for a pre-purchase exam on him, so you can be confident buying him. For more information, call Wade at 801-391-7940


Hey, look at this big, pretty palomino gelding with all the chrome.  He has great feet and big bones. He was born in 2019 and stands 15. 2 hands tall. We call him Luke. He is as nice of horse as you will find, kind and gentle. With a great work ethic and a great personality. We have been using Luke mainly for a headhorse. He breaks flat and runs hard to cattle and has excellent rate and a good turn and face, but we have also won jackpots heeling on him. He has an easygoing personality that gets along with pretty much everyone I put on him. We have also ranched on him, dragging countless calves to the fire, doctoring, and trailing cows. We have crossed big rivers and climbed steep mountains on him. He has also been used hunting and packing. He is great at everything he does, and we are very proud to own him. He is young, but you wouldn’t know it by his actions. He even puts up with my kids. He is good to shoe, load, tie, and catch. He is up to date on shots, and we paid for a pre-purchase exam so you can be confident in your purchase. For more info or to watch his video, you can check it out at our website,, or call Wade at 801-391-7940

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